Cluanie on a long blind retrieve in Wales

The winning team at the Scottish Game Fair 2018!

The Duchess of Devonshire presenting Steve with a Diploma of Merit for the IGL Retriever Championships 2009

FTCh Levenghyl Sundancer (Piggy)

Ash winning the Kennel Club Open Test 2012

Ash wins Kennel Club Open 2014

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England Retriever Team 2019

IMG_0165 2.jpg

Winning England team The Game Fair 2018

Piggy the pin up!


     FTCh Astraglen Hail (Ash)

Ash (FTCh Astraglen Hail)  wins Westward 2 Day Open 2014

2018 England Retriever Team Selection Test

Three Kings!

FTCh Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock, FTCh Astraglen Hail, FTCh Levenghyl Sundancer

Cluanie wins UGS 2 day Open 2016

FTCh Birdsgreen Cluedo Of Wedgnock (Cluanie)

Bog Snorkelling

Third day at Retriever Champs 2009

Cluanie wins Northumberland & Durham 2 day open 07/10/17

Otto wins MGS Novice 2017

Cluanie's first 3 dog eye-wipe of the 2017 Retriever Championship on a snipe


Cluanie's second 3 dog eye wipe at the 2017 Retriever Championship!

Otto wins SWGRC One Day Open Field Trial 2017

Cluanie's 3 dog eye wipe on a partridge at 2017 Retriever Championship

OFTW Sothebys Choice of Wedgnock (Otto)



Alice, Tyke and Bluff

              Connor (Astraglen Vardy of Wedgnock)

2017 holiday at Torridon

FTCh Astraglen Hail and FTCh Castlemans Mkussi

Winning Euro Challenge Team 2009

Winning Team Chatsworth 2007 ,  Carol Probert, Kate Smith, Steve

Winning Euro Challenge Team 2009

Winning Team Windsor 2017, Otto's first test!

Winning Euro Challenge Team 2010

England Team - Skinners World Cup 2019

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The Game Fair 2019


FTW Gatekeeper Boycie of Hartleyjean (Del)