Our Dogs


Astraglen Vardy (Connor)

Born 27/05/16

Sire FTCh Astraglen Hardy, Dam Int FTCh Astraglen Faith.

Connor is a lovely looking dog, very friendly and highly intelligent. Bred by Nigel Carville in Ireland, in my opinion he has one of the best working pedigrees I've ever seen! He is very closely related to Ash (FTCh Astraglen Hail) and I hope will follow in his footsteps! He is a superb game finder, very fast with a huge amount of drive (as can be expected from his breeding!). Connor is a fantastic picking up dog, and very naturally talented.

Open Field Trial Winner Sothebys Choice of Wedgnock (Otto)

Born 25/02/15

Sire FTCh Astraglen Hail. Dam Lamazing Heidi.

I bought Otto at 9 months old. Otto has 2 jet engines! He is spectacular, fast and stylish. He has huge potential for both Working Tests and Field Trials. He was a member of the winning team in his first test, the prestigious 2017 Windsor Charity Team Test. He then went on to win his first field trial Midland Gundog Society Novice on 11/9/17, and then won his third trial,  South Western Golden Retriever Club Open Stake on 8/12/17! In 2019 Otto was selected to run in the England Retriever Team at the Skinners World Cup where we finished 2nd, the Scottish Game fair which we won, and the UK Retriever team where we finished 3rd.

Field Trial Champion Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock (Cluanie)

Born 28/04/13

Bred by Sara Gadd, Cluanie is a natural hunting dog of huge potential. Very athletic, he is stylish and exciting to watch. He won his first field trial at 18 months old, and then was second in an Open Stake in his first season. He won two Open trials in 2016 - the Utility Gundog Society and South Western Golden Retriever Club making him up to a Field Trial Champion and qualifying him for the Retriever Championship at Ampton in 2016. In 2017 he won the Northumberland & Durham Open trial and qualified for the Retriever Championship at HyFly. He had an incredible first two days at the Championship, eye-wiping 6 dogs. Sadly our trial ended abruptly on the last day when a partridge was wing-tipped and landed in the middle of a load of live game. Cluanie made a lovely job of trying to find it; five times he took lines from the fall area on live pheasants, flushing them and returning for the same thing to happen! Eventually we were called up and dropped under the horrible rule '1st dog down'. They never did find the partridge. It was a heartbreaking way to go out, but we're immensely proud of him and he made loads of friends!

In 2018 Cluanie qualified for the England Retriever Team for the Scottish and English Game Fairs and we won both events!

Cluanie had a great trialling season in 2018 winning two Open Field Trials and was awarded two seconds in Open Field Trials.

In 2019 Cluanie was selected to run in the winning England Retriever team at the Game Fair, and then went on to win the following awards in Field Trials; 1st,  two 2nd places and three other awards qualifying him for the Retriever Championship for the 4th time.

Field Trial Champion Astraglen Hail (Ash)

23/03/10 to 08/08/15

Ash's achievements were remarkarkable in such a short time.  He won 4 Two Day Open Field Trials and 1 One Day Open Field Trial, qualifying him for 3 Retriever Championships in succession. He also won the prestigious Kennel Club 2 day Open Working Test in 2012 along with many other Open Tests. Tragically we lost Ash to lymphoma in 2015. He was a dog in a lifetime and Ash is sorely missed. 

Field Trial Champion Levenghyl Sun Dancer (or Piggy to his friends!)

Born 23/07/06

I knew Piggy was a special dog when he won his very first Working test - Midland Gundog Society Open! He went on to win 8 more Open Tests, many awards, and was part of the winning team in the International Euro Challenge at the CLA Game Fair in 2009 and 2010.

His trialling career was even more outstanding- he won 5 Open Field Trials, qualifying for three Retriever Championships (2009-2011), winning a Diploma of Merit in 2009. He won 11 awards which included 5 first places, three firsts in 2 day Open stakes and one 1st in a One day Open.

Piggy is the most intelligent dog and easiest to train I’ve ever owned. 

Field Trial Champion Castlemans Mkussi (Rowan)

Born 03/05/10

Rowan picked up 5 Field Trial awards including 1st place in a Novice before reaching 2 years old.

Rowan won 2 two day open field trials, qualifying him for the IGL Retriever Championships, and making him up to a FTCh aged 3 years old.

Field Trial Champion Frizelwood Odan of Hartleyjean (Odie)

Born 18/10/12

Odie is a very stylish, fast dog who is a pleasure to watch. He won a two day open and a one day open making him up to a Field Trial Champion along with nine other Field Trial awards.

Field Trial Winner Gatekeeper Boycie Del Hartleyjean (Del)

Del is a well driven and stylish dog who will be starting his trialling career this season (2017)
He has a wonderful temperament, he is calm and quiet at heel, but shows speed and determination in his work. Sally is very excited about this young dogs future.

This was proven when he won his first field trial, an All Aged Stake on 7th September 2017!